As an addition to the SPARQL queries below, CEDAR data is available through an experimental Linked Data API.

SPARQL endpoint

The end point is located at http://lod.cedar-project.nl/cedar-mini/sparql and can be queried using SPARQL 1.1. Use the editor below to enter you own query, the results are displayed just under it. If you don't know what to query for, try one of these sample queries by clicking on it. Default query values can be customized (for example, other valid reference periods are 1859, 1869, 1879, 1889, 1899, 1909 and 1920).

The three named graphs <urn:graph:cedar:raw-data>, <urn:graph:cedar:rules> and <urn:graph:cedar:release> contain a full conversion of the 2,288 census tables of the dataset. This collection is harmonized with a set of generic mapping rules, enabling the dataset to be queried under the RDF Data Cube schema. This collection is available at its own SPARQL endpoint at http://lod.cedar-project.nl/cedar/sparql. Additionally, we release a highly curated subset of this collection, called cedar-mini and contained in the named graphs <urn:graph:cedar-mini:raw-data>, <urn:graph:cedar-mini:rules> and <urn:graph:cedar-mini:release>. This subset is a high-quality curated harmonized version of the 59 most consulted and relevant tables of the collection. The cedar-mini subset is available at its own SPARQL endpoint at http://lod.cedar-project.nl/cedar-mini/sparql.

General queries (over /cedar-mini/sparql):

Technical queries (over /cedar-mini/sparql):

Mini-project queries (over /cedar-mini/sparql):

Error-detecting queries (over /cedar/sparql):

Other queries (over /cedar/sparql):

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